Our Technology

With today’s technological advancements, we’re making bigger and better strides in patient care inside and outside of the office. From automated appointment reminders to digital x-rays, our team at Perfect Choice Dental stays up-to-date on the latest offerings to make your dental experience seamless and simple. Check out dental technologies that are on the cutting edge of oral health!

Digital X-Rays

Digital radiography uses an estimated 40-90 percent less radiation than conventional film x-rays. Digital x-rays use a digital image capture device in place of traditional film, sending an image immediately to a computer. The result is a highly-detailed image of the mouth, and its contrast and resolution can be enhanced to more easily diagnose dental problems and determine the very best treatment for each case. This means more safety and better accuracy for you.

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras, cameras about the size of a pen, help dentists see the condition of teeth and gums more clearly. This advanced technology allows us to zoom in on small diseased areas, cracks, chips and worn metal fillings to provide a more detailed view. The full-color images are sent to a computer screen, making it easy to see and diagnose dental problems much earlier than with traditional dental technology. Patients are also able to watch the whole process because the images are displayed on screens in treatment rooms.

Telescopic Loupe

The dentist performs most of his dental procedures while wearing a pair of funny looking glasses called surgical telescopes. These powerful glasses have magnifiers on them, allowing the dentist to see fine details that would go unnoticed to the naked eye.

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