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Cosmetic Dentistry in Crystal Lake, IL

Crooked, chipped or stained teeth can make you feel uncomfortable about flashing your grin, but you don’t have to feel embarrassed. Dental imperfections are a normal part of life for most of us! The good news is, with the help of modern dentistry there are more options than ever to achieve a radiant, healthy smile.

At Perfect Choice Dental, we know that beautiful teeth are about so much more than appearance. Your smile affects the way you socialize, do business, or make proactive choices about your health!

How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Help Your Smile?

A Consultative Approach with Beautiful Results

At Perfect Choice Dental, we offer state-of-the-art dental work with a personalized touch. Dr. Overmyer is passionate about quality care and outstanding results. That’s why we offer a variety of procedures to best accommodate you.

Call us at (815) 477-3700 to learn more about how we can help you achieve your perfect smile!

Teeth Whitening

A dull smile can really be a drag. If your teeth are a little less pearly-white than you’d like, teeth whitening is an easy (and surprisingly enhancing) dental upgrade. Erase years of wear from your favorite food and drinks with our safe, effective whitening treatment!

Visit Perfect Choice Dental for professional teeth whitening that’s gentle on sensitive teeth and gums. We offer in-office or take-home options for your convenience.

Sealants and Fillings

Just because you need a little dental work doesn’t mean the world has to know. Perfect Choice Dental offers tooth-colored dental sealants and fillings that blend in seamlessly with your natural teeth!

Cosmetic Fillings

Tooth-colored, composite resin fillings are a popular choice when patients require cavity treatment, but did you know that Dr. Overmyer can use composite fillings to adjust the shape, color or size of your teeth?

Because the resin we use is color-matched to your natural tooth color, it can be enormously useful in closing gaps, repairing chips or making other minor changes that enhance the appearance of your teeth. Dr. Overmyer can even replace your old, silver filling with a new, pearly-white, composite resin filling.

Cosmetic Contouring

If you have a tooth that is slightly misshapen or too long, Dr. Overmyer offers cosmetic contouring. Also knowns as enameloplasty, cosmetic contouring involves transforming your tooth by drilling away at small imperfections to reshape your tooth enamel. Once Dr. Overmyer achieves a desirable shape, he gently polishes the tooth.


Do you have a crooked, chipped or discolored tooth? For minor cosmetic repairs, Dr. Overmyer offers bonding—a cost-effective process that can often be completed in a single visit. The process involves applying and sculpting a color-matched filling agent to your tooth in order to create the desired changes to its shape or color. Talk to Dr. Overmyer to find out if bonding is a good solution for you.


If you want a more dramatic restoration, veneers are a great way to improve the shape, size and color of your teeth. Made of porcelain or resin composite, veneers are tooth-colored shells that Dr. Overmyer permanently bonds to the front of your teeth. Porcelain veneers will give you a natural-looking, attractive smile and they’re highly durable—with proper care, you’ll enjoy your new smile for decades!

Dental Crowns

For severely damaged or missing teeth, Dr. Overmyer offers dental crowns in Crystal Lake. Crowns are tooth-shaped caps made of color-matched porcelain or ceramic. The crown fits over your damaged tooth to strengthen and improve its appearance, shape and alignment. Whether you need to restore a tooth damaged from injury, restore a tooth after root canal therapy, or need to get a dental bridge, Dr. Overmyer can custom-fit you for a crown that will blend in naturally with your other teeth.

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At Perfect Choice Dental, Dr. Overmyer will teach you about all of your options so that you can get the smile you’ve been dreaming about! To schedule your consultation for cosmetic dentistry in 60014, give your local dentist a call today at (815) 477-3700.

Perfect Choice Dental proudly serves patients from Crystal Lake and the surrounding areas of Lakewood, Cary, Fox River Grove, McHenry, Woodstock, Lake in the Hills, Algonquin, Huntley and Carpentersville.

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